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This reading from Wisdom presents a powerful and evocative narrative of divine intervention in the history of Israel. The image of a profound silence enveloping all things and a night at the midpoint of its course sets a stage of anticipation and stillness before the action of God.

The Almighty word of the Lord is depicted as a relentless warrior who, from His royal throne in heaven, launches towards the region condemned to extermination. This description suggests the unyielding strength of divine will, capable of overcoming any obstacle and defeating any opposition.

The text emphasizes the duality of divine action, touching both heaven and earth, symbolizing the omnipresence and complete dominion of God over all creation. The image of the sword as an irrevocable decree points to the authority of God’s word, which has the power to give life or bring death.

The narrative continues to describe how creation itself obeys divine orders in a way that contradicts its natural course. God’s miraculous intervention to deliver His children from harm is manifested in the protection of the Israelite camp through a dark cloud, the emergence of solid ground where there was once water, and the clearing of a path in the Red Sea.

These miraculous events bear witness to God’s faithfulness to His people and His ability to act extraordinarily in their favor. The narrative highlights how creation itself submits and acts differently from its natural course to fulfill divine designs.

The image of the children of Israel running like colts and leaping like lambs, while giving thanks to the Lord for their liberation, evokes the joy and gratitude that arise when we experience God’s salvific intervention in our lives.

This reading invites us to reflect on trust in divine providence and God’s ability to act in unexpected and astonishing ways in our lives. It also underscores the importance of recognizing and expressing gratitude for God’s wonders, remembering that His powerful word can transform even the most difficult and seemingly desperate situations.

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