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The following is an exchange of tweets regarding the statements made by Jan Topic, a candidate for the presidency of Ecuador, supporting human sacrifice in the safest place for someone: the mother’s womb.

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I found it interesting to bring this to my channel because the Twitter format does not allow for detailed responses. Furthermore, I am interested in exposing the fallacies that those who call themselves “pro-choice” use to justify this horrendous crime.

I intervened when I read a very demeaning insult towards Mamela Fiallo, who is known on social media for her fight against the falsehoods of feminism. I found it despicable that such epithets came from a “feministo,” that is, a man who claims to support feminists in their causes. I decided to censor the username of the “feministo” because my intention is not to have anyone come to my defense and insult him. What he needs is for us to pray for his conversion.

This individual supports abortion based on the minuscule percentage of underage girls who become pregnant as victims of rape. When accusing Mamela of supporting pedophilia, I couldn’t resist and commented.

In cases where underage girls become pregnant as a result of abuse, it mostly happens in their homes, by someone they trust, a family acquaintance, even a relative. It is very rare (not denying that it happens) for it to be a stranger who abuses the girl in an alley. So, if abortion is legalized, the same abuser can take the girl to get rid of the consequences of the crime and continue abusing her. In other words, abortion does not solve this situation, it perpetuates and conceals it.

The response I received was an insult, obviously, I would never expect anything decent from someone who thinks about eliminating a defenseless being to cover up a rape. Notice the emphasis placed on the word “victim of rape,” portraying their stance as compassionate when in fact they are executing the most innocent of beings.

As you can read in my response, children conceived in horrific circumstances are not guilty of anything; they are not responsible for their father’s crimes. How would this gentleman who insults me feel if he were condemned to death for something bad his father did in the past? But we will see later the little value these people give to life, even their own. Therefore, this wouldn’t be an argument to wake him up. In any case, my mission is not to convince someone like him; I know it’s impossible. Only God could perform such a miracle. My mission is simply to expose the moral decay that arises from a relativistic state of thinking and morality.

Then, the “feministo” calls me “bruto” (a brute) because supposedly I don’t differentiate between a fetus and a baby. It’s like saying I don’t differentiate between a prepubescent child and a teenager. The fetus is a stage of human development.

Life begins at conception, and as human beings, we have dignity given by God to all because we are all created in His image and likeness. Therefore, we all have the right to live, especially an innocent person. The fetus, as they derisively call it, is an innocent being who hasn’t had the chance to see the sun. How can that be denied? However, for the “feministo,” I’m still on the devil’s side.

As the scriptures say, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.” Isaiah 5:20.

So, I replied by explaining the stages of human development, noting that the right to life does not depend on our location. But for the “aborteros” (abortion supporters), it’s not that simple.

We can see in their response that this “feministo” does not value his own life and falls into the well-known fallacy of “my body, my choice,” when it’s absurd for a pregnant woman to consider the child in her womb as her own body. Science shows that the unborn child has its own unique genetic makeup, different from that of its father and mother. They are a distinct human being.

Seeing that it’s a lost case, I wanted to end the “debate” there because, honestly, I felt disgusted by these arguments. However, the “feministo” has the audacity to say that I lack compassion in this situation. Where is the compassion for babies (including girls) who are targeted for elimination just because they are smaller?

I am speaking up for those babies in the womb. I will continue to call them babies, even though they call them “clusters of cells.” Dehumanizing the unborn child is essential to advocate for abortion. They know that killing a human being is wrong and horrible, and they only justify it in self-defense.

An abused girl who becomes pregnant deserves spiritual support, not an abortion. Do they think that aborting is free of trauma? In any case, the “feministo” defends himself against my arguments by calling my mention of God a sham, as if it were blackmail when it’s actually an exhortation, a call to attention with all the charity that a person deserves. Ideologically driven individuals like these are at serious risk of condemnation. We must pray fervently for them.

The slippery slope is evident in countries where abortion has been legalized. It starts with exceptions but is applied generally. It’s obvious when you see the statistics on how the cases increase exponentially, and those seeking abortion are not always 10-year-old girls. They are fertile adult women who simply do not want to have a child because it is inconvenient for them due to work, studies, or whatever reason. It’s an excuse; they simply prioritize their DESIRE over life, which is cruel.

But as you can see, to the “feministo,” I am an unreasonable person. I am that way to anyone wearing a green handkerchief (symbolizing pro-choice). They always tell me that I am closed-minded just because I consider life as something SACRED. God gives life, and God takes it away. It is no coincidence that those who support this are agnostics, atheists, pagans, and other “spiritual” groups that do not respect human dignity.

And so, this unfortunate encounter with a lost being in ideologies ended. They disguise it with false compassion, a term they do not apply to the conceived child who does not deserve the fate offered by abortion: dismemberment, saline solution injected into the uterus that burns them alive, or suffocation. Not to mention later stages where the child could survive in an incubator, but they are left to die in a horrible way.

Before bidding you farewell, instead of asking you to subscribe and all that, what is more important to me is to ask you to join me in prayer:

Let us pray:
Holy Virgin Mary, as a mother, you felt life in your immaculate womb. Your motherhood came at a time that could have been “inconvenient” for your circumstances; however, you obeyed God. Pray for women who find themselves in vulnerable situations, that they may find the necessary support to do what is right and just for the life entrusted to them by the Lord, no matter the situation. God always brings something good out of evil.

Just as when you visited your cousin Elizabeth and she felt the joy of the child in her womb in the presence of the Savior in your womb, may women find in their communities the necessary help for our societies to return to compassion, mutual aid, and Christian piety. Holy Mary, pray for us.

Almighty Lord, you who are all mercy, we ask for the precious unborn children, innocent and vulnerable beings who deserve a chance at life. May we tirelessly work to promote love, compassion, and support for mothers facing difficult decisions, putting an end to the tragedy of abortion. We ask this in the name of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ,


Thank you for praying with me. Let us not stop praying. May God bless you.

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