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Today we are going to refute atheist memes. On this occasion, I bring you seven highly offensive memes to our Catholic faith, which during my dark atheist period, I used to share myself. Now, as a form of reparation for all these blasphemies, I have dedicated myself to collecting them to make a defense of the faith and to show you how to respond. Many atheists will laugh at your answers, but who knows… if I was able to see the light, perhaps someone else can too.

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Let us pray for these people and not allow our faith to waver when seeing these ridiculous memes. Let’s begin:

“Thank you, rotation movement, for one more day.”


This is like thanking an ATM for giving you your own money. Every day of life is a grace from God, who is the one who gives it to us. The rotation movement is one of the many fine-tuned adjustments that allow life on Earth. It cannot be the work of chance or randomness that the conditions of the universe and its physical laws have allowed conscious life. If any of the characteristics of the universe were slightly different, such as the force of gravity, the amount of matter, or the rate of expansion, everything would be very different, and life as we know it would not be possible.

The fine-tuning leads us to think that someone or something had to configure all these things very precisely so that we could be here. Catholics believe that this is evidence that a supreme being, God, intentionally designed and created our universe. If you want to delve deeper into the fine-tuning argument, please leave a comment.

“I am Satan, I just came to remind you that God is the one behind plagues, floods, and pandemics. I only do orgies and metal bands. Thanks.”


Plagues and all that are a just punishment for the iniquity of peoples. I’m talking about the plagues of Egypt, not what happened in 2020. Let’s not attribute that to God. As for floods, God promised never to send a flood again to destroy all humanity and living creatures on Earth. He established a covenant with Noah and his descendants, and set a rainbow as a sign of that covenant. The floods we see today are natural phenomena that occur due to the interaction of climatic, geographical, and meteorological factors, deforestation, or construction in flood-prone areas. These events are part of the regular functioning of the natural laws established by God in creation. As human beings, we are subject to these laws and the natural consequences that may arise from them. If God allows these things to happen in the world, it is so that through these trials, people can develop compassion, solidarity, strength, and resilience. I’ll leave a video here where we delve deeper into why God allows bad things to happen. Orgies, on the other hand, are not good at all. That’s what they did in Sodom and Gomorrah, and we know how that ended. This meme is especially dangerous because it wants to portray Satan as the good guy in the movie, even though he admits to living in perversion.

“Let’s pray for the poor while I hold this golden thing.”


This is the typical meme that spreads the myth of the wealth of the Vatican. The Vatican, as a sovereign entity, has its own economic and financial system, and it possesses certain assets and investments. However, the majority of the Vatican’s assets are dedicated to religious and charitable activities, as well as the maintenance and preservation of its vast cultural heritage, which includes numerous works of art, libraries, and historical archives.

The idea that the Vatican is an extremely wealthy institution is based on the presence of artistic treasures and historical monuments, as well as the construction and maintenance of the Vatican City, which includes St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. These cultural and architectural assets have incalculable value and are often mistaken as material wealth.

Now, when we pray for the needy, we are not necessarily asking God to give them material wealth, but rather to encourage charity in the community to support one another. If you would like to delve deeper into the Social Doctrine of the Church, let me know in the comments.

“If you ever feel stupid, remember that after two thousand years, scientific and technological advances, there are still people who believe that a dove impregnated me.”


What is really stupid is to think about the dove. Where do atheists get that idea? Maybe they heard about the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River when the heavens opened and the Spirit of God descended in the form of a dove. But in the conception of Jesus, the dove is not mentioned. This is a crude mockery, in poor taste, and shows absolute ignorance. From the Catholic perspective, we believe that miraculous events, such as the virgin birth, are beyond conventional scientific explanations. For Catholics, the event of the virgin conception is a mystery of faith and is accepted based on divine revelation and the tradition of the Church.

It is important to note that faith is not based solely on scientific evidence or empirical proof but also on trust in God and the theological interpretation of sacred scriptures. Catholic faith encompasses both the spiritual and rational dimensions and considers the virgin birth of Mary to be an extraordinary and transcendent event.

I understand that the meme tries to use humor to question religious beliefs. However, it is important to recognize that faith and science address different aspects of reality and can coexist in a person’s life. The virgin conception of Mary is a central element of the Catholic faith and is accepted as a divine mystery beyond conventional scientific explanations.

“Why did you have to sacrifice yourself to forgive humans? Wasn’t it easier to just forgive them?”


The law states that the wages of sin are death. In the Old Testament, the Law of Moses commanded blood sacrifices to cleanse sin, and a spotless lamb was always required. The plan of salvation required the sacrifice of a perfect, unblemished lamb. When God the Father sent the incarnate Word, He provided the perfect lamb to redeem humanity in this way. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is seen as the fulfillment of divine justice and the supreme manifestation of God’s love. Jesus, being fully God and fully human, voluntarily took on the punishment for our sins to satisfy divine justice and restore our relationship with God. Through His sacrifice, Jesus offered forgiveness and reconciliation to humankind, opening the path to salvation and eternal life.

If God were to simply forgive humans without any consequences for sin, it would imply ignoring or denying divine justice. Jesus’ sacrifice, as an act of perfect love and obedience to God, shows the price that was paid for our sins and the gravity of sin itself. It also reveals the immense love of God, who, in His mercy, offers salvation and forgiveness to those who repent and trust in Him.

The need for Jesus’ sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins is based on an understanding of sin, divine justice, and God’s merciful love. Jesus’ sacrifice was a supreme act of redeeming love that satisfies God’s justice and offers us the opportunity to be forgiven and reconciled with Him.

Refuted. Next!

“The existence of Christian scientists doesn’t prove that God exists. It only proves that people can be very rational about some things and at the same time very irrational about others.”


What is truly irrational is denying the existence of God. We’ve mentioned the fine-tuning argument before. There are more ways to demonstrate that God exists, which we will discuss in future videos. It’s no coincidence that the scientists of the so-called Dark Ages were Catholic priests like Nicolaus Copernicus, a Catholic canon well-known for his contributions to astronomy; the Augustinian friar Gregor Mendel, the father of genetics; Roger Bacon (Franciscan order), the father of the scientific method. Later in time, we have Father Giuseppe Mercalli, seismologist and creator of the scale that bears his name; Father Georges Lemaitre, a Belgian priest who proposed the theory commonly known as the Big Bang. Among the notable scientists of our day, we have Father Manuel Carreira, an astrophysicist, advisor, and collaborator on several NASA projects; Antonino Zichichi, a nuclear physicist and professor at the University of Bologna; and Father Michał Heller, a member of the Vatican Observatory, among many others. I’d like to see these internet atheists engage in conversation with these great CATHOLIC scientists.

“You have abandoned my church.”

“But I am not bad, I work hard and love my children very much. Why do I have to spend half of Sunday hearing that I’m going to hell?”


The Simpsons have done great harm with their anti-religious jokes. This is the excuse of “Catholics on my own terms” who believe that by being “good people,” they don’t need to go to church, when we know that the church is the body of Christ, and it is where we hear the Word, receive the sacraments: the Eucharist, reconciliation. In the church, we learn to stay in a state of grace to ensure our salvation. It is not true that in the church, you are constantly preached about going to hell, but if you don’t go, you put yourself at risk of condemnation. In Christian theology, it is taught that hell is the state of eternal separation from God and the absence of His love and grace. It is not so much an arbitrary punishment from God but rather the natural consequence of the conscious and persistent rejection of His love and will. The message about hell aims to alert people to the spiritual consequences of living apart from God and encourages them to seek a relationship of love and obedience with Him. Going to church makes the path to heaven easier. So go to church, it won’t take up half of your Sunday!

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