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On this Tuesday of the XXXII week of Ordinary Time, the readings invite us to reflect on life, death, and trust in God. The first reading reminds us of the creation of man in the image and likeness of God, destined for immortality. However, the entry of sin into the world, motivated by the devil’s envy, introduced the experience of death.

It is essential to understand that death is not the end for those who belong to God. The souls of the righteous are in the hands of God, and no torment will reach them. Despite worldly appearances, the righteous are at peace, and their departure from this world is not a misfortune but the beginning of the immortality they await with confidence.

The reading emphasizes that the sufferings of the righteous are not a punishment but a test allowed by God. Like gold in the crucible, God tests His chosen ones and finds them worthy of Himself. After brief sufferings, they will receive abundant reward. On the day of judgment, the righteous will shine like sparks in a canebrake, participating in the judgment of nations and reigning under the eternal rule of the Lord.

The Responsorial Psalm encourages us to bless the Lord at all times in our lives. It highlights God’s divine attention to the righteous, His promptness in delivering them from distress, and His closeness to those who trust in Him. The acclamation before the Gospel reminds us of the importance of loving and fulfilling Jesus’ word to make the Father’s love dwell in us.

In the Gospel, Jesus uses the parable of the servant to teach humility and obedience. After completing their tasks, the servant does not expect reward or praise, acknowledging that they have only done what was expected of them. Similarly, Jesus calls us to be humble and obedient servants, fulfilling what has been entrusted to us without expecting recognition, trusting that we have done what we ought to do.

On this day, let us reflect on our relationship with God and how we live our faith. Remember that, despite challenges and sufferings, trusting in God will lead us to true peace and prepare us for the eternal reward He has reserved for His faithful servants. Like the righteous in the first reading, may we face trials with confidence, knowing that God loves His chosen ones and cares for them. Let us bless the Lord at all times and joyfully fulfill the will of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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